Mind Fitness combines Western Attitudes with Eastern Philosophies and ultimately steers us to be the master of our mind, in power of what we can control, rather then what we cannot.

Mind Fitness creates flexibility within our lives, an awareness giving us the consciousness to be positive with everything we do. It gives our brains the tools, skill, knowledge and attitude to be in control of the choices we make.

Mind Fitness and its teachings focus on The Four Minds Of Development.

These four minds are:

  • The Fundamental Mind
  • The Reasoning Mind
  • The Creative Mind
  • The Observing Mind

The Fundamental Mind is the mind we use to develop our skills, knowledge and attitude. It is the mind we use to learn and formulate our education so it can be applied in a positive way.

The Reasoning Mind is the intellectual mind. It involves all thoughts, emotions and feelings. We use this mind often throughout our lives. It determines all negotiations and outcomes. It is linked to cause and effect. This mind is the big decision maker.

The Creative Mind is our imaginative mind. We use affirmations and visualisations to achieve our goals and desires with this mind. This mind will believe whatever we tell it to believe. It does not have obstacles or interest in right or wrongs.

The Observing Mind is without thought. This is the mind that keeps us in the moment. It connects with all the senses in a state of mindful awareness. Peaceful and calm, just being.

Through Mind Fitness Training people will learn, explore and incorporate the following skills and attributes into their daily lives.

  • Switching on to the present moment
  • Greater confidence and productivity
  • Establishing purpose with direction
  • Increased peak performance levels
  • Identifying opportunities
  • Peacefulness
  • Better balance throughout life
  • Listening and communication
  • Enhanced concentration and focus
  • Shifting perceptions
  • Managing expectations
  • Sensory development for greater awareness
  • Calming the mind
  • Living in the positive

Achieving peak performance within every business is easy when you know how. And by identifying and believing in the one simple principle ” what benefits the business benefits everyone” will create the greatest results for success.

The Winning Equation

Great Team = Great Customers = Great Business

We all provide a service, is it the best it can be, are we the best we can be?

Creating a motivated, inspired and positive environment within every business is all connected to education. We can always incorporate great skills and knowledge which are essential within every organisation, although it is the attitude that creates the real win and is realised and achieved through the delivery of these educational assets.

  • learn to create drive and motivation with purpose
  • learn how to get everyone focused with direction for great team fulfilment.
  • learn how to build strong foundations to deliver the consistency that will give strength and confidence to grow and expand with stability.
  • learn how to shift existing perspectives to create great flexibility and adaptability
  • establish the positive beliefs that will open up a world of possibilities and opportunities.
  • learn how to unleash the power of the mind so all expectations are fulfilled with confidence and success.
  • learn to remove and let go of stress and negativity which are the limitations that will hold back any business from reaching its full potential.
  • Business is built with people, by people, for people.

The connection for success in sport is now well established. The way we use our mind in association with our body is becoming the accepted way forward in education. Achieving balance and support between the two has a direct effect on the outcome whether it be positive or negative. From the novice to the professional having a healthy focused mind that can remain calm in all situations is becoming the difference between winning and losing on a personal and competitive level.

Mind Fitness For Sport will give you all the tools to play with confidence removing doubt, worry and fear. It will give you the mind to take control and not to be controlled by your surroundings. It will create much greater sensitivity in relation to feel and touch. It will shift perceptions and create much simpler solutions to achieve your desired outcomes. And maybe the greatest benefit is it will give you limitless choice when you’re in a practice or game situation.

Removing the mental pressures that sport can so often throw at us is one of the greatest gifts we can create, for playing sport at our best.


The Fundamental Mind

Is all about building a strong foundation that will sustain you through the most challenging aspects of your sport. As we bring a better understanding into our sport for what we want to achieve, will give us the direction and confidence to stay on course for our desired outcome. If we don’t know where we’re heading it becomes very difficult to ever reach our destination.


  • All Needs And Wants
  • Purpose With Direction
  • Objectives To Support The Purpose
  • Gratitude And Appreciation For The Field Of Play
  • Who Is Your Real Opponent
  • Understanding Mind Skills
  • Building Beneficial Knowledge
  • The Winning Attitude


The Reasoning Mind

This is the mind in sport that is the one that can decide wether we win or lose. It is the mind that helps you to make all rational, productive and beneficial decisions. Knowing our capabilities in relation to what we are attempting to achieve can remove pressure creating a positive outcome. Success in sport is built around confidence and the Reasoning Mind is the decider here.

  • Removing The Pressure
  • Focused Intellect
  • Building The Connection Between Thoughts, Emotions and Feelings
  • Letting Go Of The Things You Can’t Control
  • Asking The Correct Questions To Achieve The Correct Answers
  • Expectations
  • Opportunity Is Everywhere
  • Feeling The Challenge
  • Creating An Achievable Reality

The Creative Mind

This is where we unleash the power of the mind to take our performance to the next level. Connecting with this amazing area of the mind will allow you to understand how the winning pros are preparing for their success within their sport. This area of Mind Fitness does not discriminate and everyone can learn how to apply it to their game for the greatest results.

  • The Application Of Affirmations
  • The Power Of Visualisation



The Observing Mind

This is the mind that goes beyond thought and connects with all your senses through feeling its environment and not thinking it. It is the still calm mind that definitely creates the final piece to the winning formula. When pressure arises it sees every situation for what it is without judgement and does not premeditated or assume an outcome. This mind identifies opportunity as it happens in the here and now. Removing all doubt through over thinking and instead becoming connected with all our senses in the present moment will create trust and free up all tension, achieving the best results and desired outcomes.

  • Switching On In The Moment
  • Calm, Cool and Clear
  • Getting In The Zone
  • Greater Focus And Concentration
  • Playing With Mindful Awareness
  • Connecting With The Senses For Heightened Awareness
  • Moving With Effortless Flow

Life should be a journey of self-discovery and excitement, rich in education, teaching us what to do or what not to do. A life that is full of possibilities and self-belief, creating opportunities for you and others around you. A life that’s full of purpose and gratitude focusing on the good things rather than the bad. This is the reality we all deserve.

It is time to take control and understand that being negative or positive is a choice that we are making constantly throughout our lives. Driving ourselves to new levels of peak performance is up to our state of mind. Knowing how to push harder in a way that is safe determines whether your success and achievements are beneficial or not.

Mind Fitness is all about unleashing the limitless powers of the mind to enhance your life in all areas. Discovering self belief and knowing within yourself that you can achieve whatever you set your mind to.

Life fulfilment and success can mean something different to everyone.

Is your life fulfilled, living the success you dream of and deserve?